00704d3Let’s say a social media expert was secretly auditing your company’s social channels. The audit will analyze all aspects of your social-sphere, and grade your strategy and execution just like a professor would on a college pop-quiz. Are you ready? Here’s the big question; what grade do you think your social media would get? I know this can be stressful to think about, however, your social media is rather important for your sales and marketing. You know it impacts your sales team positively and negatively and social media is a serious lead-generation channel that if not used effectively can actually hurt your brand. A failing grade requires more than just a make-up quiz; it requires some serious problem solving to discover what needs to change and fast. Here’s a list of a few social media No-Nos.

  1. Writing a post without knowing your specific audience
  2. Not understanding the customer path and how social media fits in
  3. Not using hashtags, photos and videos
  4. No links to your brand website in the post
  5. No content strategy and goals

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