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Have you ever wondered why our world has gone mini? It’s quite amazing how brands and products are focusing on the micro, not the macro. In a business world where start-ups are a hot commodity and even universities are getting in on the action, you know small is soon to be big. Big companies may be investing in big data, but did you know, that data is so small, and even unrecognizable at times that people need special technology to see it. Hmm. Big brands are even implementing think tanks inside the company. This small group of experts focus on developing big ideas nobody has thought about yet because you never know when one of them will hit the big time. Just another reason why small really can be quite big.

Small companies do make it big. Just ask those once small businesses Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, Wrigley and Subway.

There are many companies that are perfecting “small,” and contrary to what many people think, small can deliver big if it’s done right. Back in 1949 Volkswagen sold their first vehicle in the US, the Beetle. It was small… very small I might ad. In that period of time no other car was really anywhere near that size. Today VW has produced more cars than any other manufacturer in history. I would say that small car made it big!

VW was a great example of small turned big. But let’s shift our thinking to companies and products that are more in-line with our thinking of today. Here are 7 brands that made it big on small. I guarantee, you have probably heard of, watched, used, tasted or listened to all of these… except for one!

  • Mini Reese’s Pieces If you haven’t tried these yet, your taste buds are in for a big surprise! There’s a lot of flavor packed in one little piece.
  • Starbursts Minis These candies are a blast of fresh fruit that are sure to make your tongue feel larger than life. In my opinion, they’ve got a tangy flavor that seems a whole lot bigger than the little candy you just popped in your mouth.
  • Tiny House Builders For those of you who love to sit on the couch and watch TV, this show is for you. It certainly plays off of our curiosity of how tiny a house can be. This is a great example of how tiny can hit the big time, in the shape of a real house… well, a real tiny house I might add!
  • Mini Cooper This is probably my favorite car on the planet because of its small, compact look. But don’t let that fool you. Mini Coopers are huge on power, spunk and style. Just ask the producers of The Italian Job
  • Apple Shuffle Years ago I started using my own Shuffle because it was the in thing to do. The bad part about it was I lost it in my suitcase and never found it again. Why? Because it was small of course. Don’t let that steer you away from Apple’s music technology masterpiece. It stores hundreds of songs and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours – wow! This big idea is wrapped-up in a very small case and it brings hours of joy to your ears!
  • Twitter – As you already know, Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels known to mankind and it focuses on the small talk – 140 characters at a time. It has reached a global audience of over 316,000,000 – whoa, that’s not small at all.
  • Nixie This is my favorite. It’s a wearable drone that actually flies right off your wrist. Yep, you guessed it… it’s smaller than any other drone I could find anywhere and it’s making some pretty big waves on the global market. Check out their video and see for yourself.



As you can see, small is not an inferiority complex, nor is it something brands shy away from. It’s a force to be reckoned with and should be applauded. All of you out there that work for small companies, I challenge you to stand up and believe in the brand promise. Collaboratively, everyone in the company can make a difference whether it’s a start-up of 1 employee or a small business of 10. Either way, let’s celebrate small as it continues to hit the big time!

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Scott MacFarland


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Photo Credit: UnSplash – Mikael Kristenson


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