10e6c63Content Marketing is not new. However, being a rookie is. However, being new doesn’t always mean you have to figure something out by yourself and look stupid next to your peers until you finally become knowledgable enough to hold your own.

Because content marketing is not purely formulaic, there isn’t any one strategy that makes it perfect every time for every business. There are ways in which you can learn as you go, and still have a leg up on your peers and your competition.

If you’re new to the content marketing game, don’t worry, here are a few simple tips to jumpstart your process and also infuse some energy, and life into your marketing.

1 – Use Social Channels For the Right Reasons

Social media is an absolute must for good content marketing. Here’s a few strengths of social media that I enjoy and take advantage of on a day to day basis. Understand why you want to use social media and the strengths. It will help you figure out how to start using it quicker.

  • Immediacy of content delivery
  • Ability to link to and promote any content that is online or offline
  • Easy content posting
  • Creates a dialogue with customer (two-way communication)
  • Share-ability
  • Global reach
  • Accommodates text, links, photos and videos
  • Vast exposure potential
  • Many types of social channels to choose from

2 – Expand Your Digital Footprint

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use social media and the 9 traits listed above. If you are currently using one social media channel, say Facebook, try opening up your brand to Twitter and LinkedIn. You probably will have a different age range of people on all of them, so take advantage of that as well.

3 – Think About Who Your Customer Is

Then begin posting based on the audience you want to reach and the topic of the post you think will be most effective in reaching that recipient. (Keep in mind: A LinkedIn post will be written differently than a Tweet based on the person who is on that channel and also how the social channel manages and distributes the content.

4 – Make Your Content Posts Relevant And Engaging

The recipients will like it and maybe even share it with their sphere of influence. That is one way to take advantage of social’s strengths. You can also use social to create a dialogue with the customer, drive them to a landing page on your website, share your content, and also be a brand ambassador for your company by sharing their own stories.

5 – Don’t Forget About The Customer Path

It’s critical to understand where your customer is so you can modify your content based on where they are in the path. They might be just entering the sales funnel and need to be educated, (this is the top of the funnel), or be deep in the funnel ready to make a purchase (almost at the bottom of the funnel). This matters, and your content should be produced knowing where the customer is in the sales funnel.

6 – Hashtags Are Critical

If you’re not using hashtags, pay attention. You need to include these for your social posts to be recognized far beyond the friend or follower receiving it, use a hashtag if you wanted to tell the world about your topic. The # is the way to get your content post more visibility. For instance, if you wrote a post about your product video, you may write this.

EX: See our #video explaining 5 ways to clean your #carpet (then add your URL here)

7 – Create Content Once – Share It Many Times

This is a phrase you need to keep on your mind 24×7. One of the most important things you can do with all of your content marketing is to create it once and share it as much as possible. You don’t want your content to be alone. If your content is alone, and not shared on many other channels, then you need to get that started immediately. Repurposing content is critical to increasing exposure many times over.

These are just a few ways to propel your content marketing to new levels. For more information on how to accelerate your content marketing and kick it into high gear, check out some of the latest articles and tips on and YourBrandExposed.com.

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