15e2491When I think of all the productivity, social, work, personal and fun gaming apps I use, my head spins. Currently there are 42 on just my iPhone alone. As I type this blog using Evernote and my iPad, of which there are yet another 26 different apps on it, I think “Do I really need to interact with all these?” By engaging a great deal of personal and professional time on technology and apps, what is it doing to my thinking, my creativity, and my ability to assimilate data and translate it the ways I need to for my job?

In my opinion, my technology and app choices are good ones. Primarily they are used for work and personal use like most of you. A high percentage of them are helpful to me and my profession as a marketer. I also know, with every positive attribute, there is a negative. Could I be paralyzing my own professional and management capabilities, the company’s business process and its innovative future by immersing myself in technology and apps? Crazy thought, I know. I just may be on to something here. I do have some company with this thought. Idris Mootee, Author ofDesign Thinking for Strategic Innovationwrites,

Never in the history of humankind have we created so much information so fast. And it’s not slowing down. More and more of our data is digitized and monitored, which means we are coming to a point of data paralysis. Is it possible?

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