Marketing departments have some tough challenges they have to battle every day. They are not only trying to figure out technology integration, digital reach, frequency, message, personas and oh yeah, ROI; they also have to be the gatekeepers of the content. While gatekeeping sounds like a simple job, it most certainly is not. What exactly is a gatekeeper anyway? Here’s what Google has to say.


gate·keep·er (Noun)

An attendant at a gate who is employed to control who goes through it.

A person or thing that controls access to something.


Great Content Deserves To Be Seen – Right?

I am a fan of exposing my content to the world. Okay, if that make sense to you, set it free and let everyone know about it. After all, your team spent lots of time and effort into creating something spectacular. Oops, you were not able to obtain prospective customer data from that content like you wanted and are also having a hard time trying to figure out who entered your funnel and when.

Okay, so go ahead and gate that same content. That will solve your problem right? Oops again. You need that branded content to help tell the story in other key areas where your personas are searching. Hmm… what in the world should you do? You really do not want to gate the content in one place and set it free everywhere else because that would defeat the purpose and render it pretty much useless for obtaining customer profiling data.

Possible Solutions

Your marketing team may be robust enough so that you can create variations of the content. You must make these variations different enough so that it adds value and relevancy whether it is gated or not. You do not want customers to see the same content in both places.

Many marketing departments produce eBooks, Web content, Videos, Webinars, and Blogs to name a few. The trick here is to take the longer format pieces of content and break them up into smaller pieces. Then add a little different spin on it. This can provide your team with additional content that can be used outside the gate and also behind the gate.

For those of you inbound marketers who have scratched your head wondering whether or not you should gate the content you are producing, here’s a great tool to use to help you discern whether or not you’re on the right track. I can’t even count the number of times I have thought about this. There is not one perfect solution, but there are some guiding strategies that can be helpful in the decision making process.

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