035757fAfter reading this article called Crossing The Chasm, What’s New? What’s Not? I have a deeper understanding of why businesses fail to create sustainable growth. The reasons why are not easy to pinpoint. However, what we probably do know is that there was a chasm somewhere that was not seen or addressed quickly enough, until it was too late.

Companies believe it or not actually create chasms. Hopefully your company is addressing the chasm and not creating a new one. Here’s a good example of a few things companies do that create chasms.

  • Squelching employee productivity and creativity
  • Causing uncertainty in the marketplace and creating customer confusion
  • Damaging customer perception of your brand
  • Not addressing customer demands at each touch point
  • Not training your customer-facing employees to interact purposefully and professionally
  • Not using today’s technology wisely and causing more work on your employees
  • Not leveraging opportunities for the company when they arise
  • Creating unnecessary customer paint points through poor conversion path UX

Sometimes being a laggard can really hurt company growth. In this case, a laggard could mean you are creating chasms in your company that are costing money and also not creating strong customer perception of your products and services. All-things-laggard lead to pain points that hinder the company from being stronger, more agile and sustainable for future growth.


Crossing The Chasm: Geoffrey Moore

Photo Credithttp://www.Canva.com

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