Just when you thought big data was going to get easier, think again. As you know, us marketers love data and we love to create content and campaigns based on that data. But, what happens when an entirely new data set is created from wearable and household appliance technology? Wait, there’s more. That data now needs to be merged with your already confusing data sets that you are currently trying to figure out -UGH.

I don’t think the [longtime] structures need to be reinvented or shoved aside because data sets are larger, it’s important to keep the regulations that we have … to ensure that fair information practices are still applicable and relevant.     – Pamela Dixon, Executive Director   World Privacy Forum.

Here are a few products that will provide brands with data that border on invasion of our personal privacy. Is the data brands are gathering from these legal? Hmm. Is it all in the name of marketing? Ecommerce? Innovative business? Health? What in the world do we call it anyway?

  • Wi-Fi Connected Appliances that help you stay connected to your home (GE)
  • A wristband that confirms your identity through electrocardiogram sensors that monitor the pattern of your heartbeat (Nymi)
  • A camera records photos every minute of every day (Narrative)
  • A waistband that tries to correct poor posture (LUMOback)
  • 24×7 Home connectivity for garage doors, vehicles and gate entry (LiftMaster)

Consumer Privacy

I am thankful that as a consumer our privacy has been protected for years. But now it seems there are brands that are on the leading edge of violating our personal privacy, and we’re letting them do it. That’s the scary part. Many wearable products are already on the market and they have a unique connection with us the living, breathing person. They touch us, sense our movement, our heart rate, pulse, breathing, weight, posture and our every move whether we are sleeping, running, shopping, even in our home and car. These brands also are sensing what we do in our homes with our laundry and refrigerator, ovens and dishwashers. What’s next? Are brands going to tell us what we eat and drink, and when to go to the bathroom and flush?

Big data has the capacity to save lives, improve education, enhance government services, increase marketplace efficiency and boost economic productivity, but the same analytic power that makes it easier to predict the outbreak of a virus, identify who is likely to suffer a heart attack, or improve the delivery of social services, also has the capacity to reinforce disadvantages faced by low-income and underserved communities.                                        – FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez Workshop on big data and discrimination.

Is Technology Causing More Problems Than Good?

I find it interesting that technology and data, which is moving, a warp speeds seems to be coveted by nearly everyone, especially people like me in the marketing world. Is it possible the technology and big data combination just might be causing more problems than good for marketers and consumers at large? Let’s take this a step further. Marketers strive to come up with ROI numbers because they know they just might lose their job if they don’t.

If digital has transformed our lives, and it has, and big data has proven to provide us with data we never thought was possible, Which it does, what does the trajectory path look like for products, marketers and even bigger data? That’s a very difficult question to answer and will get even more difficult with IoT bursting with innovative technologies coming to market all the time. Watch out, there’s even bigger data on the horizon and consumers as well as marketers are either going to love it or hate it.

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