Brand Playbook

This is the foundational blueprint for all brand messaging and marketing moving forward. It allows us to formulate the specific building blocks that will create a clearly defined and actionable brand, prime for sustainable growth through marketing initiatives. This occurs through an informationally-rich research and discovery process.

Most of our Brand Playbooks include several key areas that are critical for businesses that want to build a strong business brand for the future.

  • Perceived Value
  • Value Proposition
  • Products and Services
  • Competition
  • Distinctive set
  • High-performing market and product keywords
  • Determine Personas (Questions, Pain Points, Motivations, Narrative)
  • Digital footprint – Includes web, social media, online and advertising / marketing channels
  • Non-Digital footprint – Includes existing forms of corporate channels
  • Key Findings – Includes next steps and final report
  • Client review for next steps

Learn more about Digital Playbooks through our blogs, and eBooks.