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As a life-long business enthusiast, I like to evaluate trends, why they’re happening and how long a paradigm shift taking. It’s also fun to see if there is any one thing that causes the ongoing change in our business culture. I know, this is really just a pipe dream, because one person just can’t assess business as a whole, but it certainly is fun. However, there is some truth to the ongoing shifting speed of business and technology and how both seem to continue to amaze us more and more every day. Has it already consumed us? If it has, what are we to do from here?


What About Employees?

Okay, we know it’s tough to keep up with current business trends nowadays. They move faster than we do and the constant change makes it difficult to stay relevant and competitive. This is especially challenging if you’re a business leader who’s trying to keep the best and brightest employees on your team.

Employee trends continue to alter the course of businesses and it also impacts the way companies make decisions. Today’s trends are not like they were in years past. Now, companies are beginning to see the first Generation Z young adults, graduate college and enter the workforce as first time professionals. That in itself will be a huge shift in thinking for hiring managers and for supervisors who don’t fully understand today’s young professionals and their way of thinking.

Is Technology To Blame?

Additionally, the sharing, collaborative economy is getting stronger, artificial intelligence is gaining momentum and even boomerang employees have become the norm. Now that’s a real paradigm shift from years ago when jumping from job to job was a serious negative on your resume. New technology continues to unravel planned thinking which just might cause a shift not only in sales and marketing, but also in employee’s work / life balance. And for the consumer technology industry, virtual reality (VR) is really taking off and showing how it’s not just a computer game thing for kids. And if you haven’t heard, design thinking which came about several years ago is still holding true to its form and companies around the globe are adopting ways to integrate it into their strategy.

All of this together could significantly alter the course of how businesses operate. It doesn’t look like the trend of “change” is slowing down, and neither is innovation, start-ups and ideas, so we either need to roll with it or get off the train. Welcome to the world of business in 2016 where change is normal and expected, because the combination of cultural behaviors, intellectual curiosity, innovative research and technology have thrust us all into a hyper-wave of change that will probably never stop. Hmm… I guess the fun is just beginningJ

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