Have you ever heard the phrase. “content is king?” If you haven’t, you’re probably not in marketing. And if you have, then you know content is truly at the heart of everything a marketer does. Content can be the piece of the marketing puzzle that makes your strategy have sex-appeal, makes it buzz with positive PR and helps it to generate leads like no other. Content can also be a major pain point that creates angst in marketing departments –Hmm.

Content Has Become The Link Between Marketing Strategy And The Customer

As a career marketer, I have seen and experienced a trend in marketing responsibilities. This trend equates to increased duties that covers a whole lot more than marketing. Here’s a few that will probably make your head spin. (Advertising, public relations, crisis communications, Internal communications, branding, positioning, pricing, promotion, product development, strategy, creative, editorial, production, data analysis, technology, innovation, workflow management, competition, and trying to figure out the complex world of customer needs). We haven’t even talked about the burgeoning world of digital, social and mobile. Yes, all of these do require some type of content creation and/or management. Content has become the link between marketing strategy and the customer. Content is also created in many forms for many audiences, content can represent multiple genres, can be distributed on multiple devices, and is revised based all of the above. Should we add all of this to the already dizzying menu of today’s modern marketer, or is it time to give them some much-needed support so that the brand can flourish?

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