187962dManagers, bosses, leaders… whoever you are, here’s a simple tip for you. As yourself this question; Is it possible that innovative and disruptive behavior with employees is a good thing?

Take a look at your employees interests. Ask what drives them each day (besides money). Encourage your employees to think about what makes them want to be innovative? After all, being innovative and disruptive can be used to benefit the company. Understanding more about these will help you manage them and ultimately make your employees happier and more productive. A recent Huffington Post article titled, Are Social Entrepreneurs Emerging In Your Company? Discusses more about the innovative / disruptive traits that some employees have.

I feel companies need to embrace innovation and disruption and also need to understand that employees may already be doing it.

Old school management styles used to be more command and control in nature than today’s management styles. This perceived domineering control style does not work as well with today’s social intrapreneurs who are actively engaged in innovative and disruptive activities. As a manager, your first reaction with an employee who is a social intrapreneur may be to take an even stronger grip on managing them and their workflow. This is probably not a good idea. A better tactic may be to recognize those innovative and disruptive skills and passions in your staff and think about how to integrate those strengths into their workday to yield positive results. This may help them feel happier about their job. You will also begin to see how innovation and disruption will appear in small, simple ways that could be highly beneficial for your business.

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