1e74c82The customer experience has become increasingly more important over the years as more digital channels are competing for the customer’s attention. In order for brands to really get the message across effectively, they now have to think about how to create an immersive customer experience. That means knowing your customer very well and where they are online. Once you understand this, you can meet them where they are and tell your story.

Style Matters

Remember, you can’t always use the same editorial style with all digital channels. An example of this is with your ENewsletter, which goes straight to the customer’s inbox. This may have a ‘Did You Know’ message or a teaser message to get them to go further. Then, the customer is driven to the blog or landing page which is not a teaser but more in-depth and educational in nature. The videos that sit on the landing page and may also be on YouTube are produced with some entertainment flair to provide some excitement. Finally, your social media, depending on which ones you are using may be quick blurbs highlighting certain key points and hashtags.

Digital Options

Below are a few digital options that many brands use to meet the customer where they are online. Many of these channels are not always best for reaching your customer. However, they can be effective if you know where in the sales funnel they would be most effective.

  • ENewsletter
  • Blog
  • Video on corporate site
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Website Landing Page

Understand Your Customer

The customer needs an immersive experience because they are bombarded with hundreds and even thousands of brand messages daily. The immersive experience creates a sense of brand consistency and also deepens awareness, affinity and education. This all helps the brand to stay top of mind for the customer. Then, when they are ready to purchase, the brand will be close by so the customer thinks of them first. All of this combined creates an immersive experience that deepens the customer-brand relationship and allows the customer to feel connected. Don’t forget to take time to understand your customer really well before you select what digital channels to use. You don’t want to invest time and resources on creating content for a digital channel like Instagram if you’re targeting an audience that is 35-54. (Instagram’s target audience is closer to 18-34). With that being said, know your audience first, understand their online habits and map out the customer path before you start. With these simple tips, you will be well on your way to creating a successful and immersive customer experience.

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