2ed58e2As a company, and as an employee, the concept of being open to new ideas is critical to remain relevant in your industry. Creating new green spaces to go play in means you should always look for ways to modify your existing business or create something completely new. Yes, this is much easier said than done.

This “new green space” that I am referring to comes in many forms and you are only limited to what you can dream-up, and I do mean dream. A few examples could be: simply assessing what you already have as a business offering and model, and tweaking it a little, monetizing it differently or dreaming up a wildly new delivery method, (like Amazon).

It could also mean exploring ideas that your industry or another industry is currently using, then trying to adopt that idea to revolutionize the way your business operates. Sometimes new ideas aren’t new at all they are just new for your business. iRobot is the perfect example. Robotics in vacuum cleaners is not a new concept, however, the implementation of it at iRobot has taken that company to a new level.

Entrepreneurs tend to think about new idea adoption very well. In a Linkedin article titled,How an Entrepreneur Looks at the World, I found a quote that was appropriate in relation to creating new green spaces.

The ultimate definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is always thinking he can do things a different, better way.

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