Take a look at the photo and try to understand what it is saying. Be honest. If you’re like me, you probably understand about 1% of it and you were confused, zoned-out and lost interest real quick. Well folks, guess what? That’s what happens when brands don’t deliver content that is relevant and applicable to our customer’s needs.

Now You Know The Problem, What’s The Solution?

  • Find out what your customers problems are
  • Customers have questions – give them the answers in your marketing
  • Don’t make them think – make it easy for them to navigate your website
  • Talk to them on a personal level, not as a brand

Once You Do That – This Is The Trick

Create engaging content – Static brochure ware is so out-of-date. Pdfs, eBooks, pricing sheets, etc. – these are all necessary, however think about designing them with user participation in mind. Have you heard about marketing apps? These are perfect for transforming flat; boring content to interactive, user-friendly content that generates results. Here’s what I mean.

Once you’ve taken a hard look at your customer’s needs and understand their problems, that’s when the content comes in. But wait. Don’t just create static content. Quiz your customer, let them play a game, calculate or just plain have some fun flipping through your interactive content on any device.

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