2db0a31I know, this may sound like a blog article that comes straight from a marketing workshop… but it really isn’t. Let me begin by stating, marketing was not a career I originally thought of when I entered college way back in the dark ages. However, after nine years of being in broadcast television, I realized that I was actually a marketer and didn’t know it. Funny how that happens. If you asked me back then if I would end up in marketing as a career, I would have told you you’re nuts. Guess what? You’re not so nuts after all. Marketing is a wonderful discipline. If I had to start all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Being a marketing professional means I always live, eat and sleep marketing. It’s an immersive experience that never leaves you. Why? because you may find yourself always thinking about it, living it and experiencing marketing because it surrounds us every day. It’s not like being an in another industry. Marketing is everywhere, and it permeates every culture, every industry, and every media channel. I can’t leave the house without experiencing a marketing message somewhere. I happen to love this because I am always immersed in the life of marketing. It helps me to be a better student of my own industry. Now you know what makes me tick and drives me to love marketing. Yes, I am a complete marketing junkie and I will never change. All of you out there who publish content like this blog just end up fueling my desire to learn more, be more creative and innovative as well as be the best marketer I can be. To that I say thank you.

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