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Executing the right mobile strategy can be a lot tougher than you think. There are many companies already into mobile and doing it very well. Because many of these companies have big budgets, are global in reach, highly visible and they are executing their mobile strategy with pinpoint accuracy, it may give the appearance that mobile is easy to pull-off. If you are a happy mobile customer of one of these companies like I am, it may seem like a snap to get a mobile strategy started. After all, all we need to do is look and see what the big brands are doing with our smartphones and emulate the one we like, then go find the technology partner right? Hmm… it’s not that easy.

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If You Haven’t Started Yet, You’re Not Alone

There are also many other companies who haven’t started mobile yet. In fact, According to the Sepharimgroup, last year,

More than 70% of typical Fortune 1000 companies will have failed to put a comprehensive mobile strategy in place.


Sometimes the starting point can be as simple as asking your team a few questions to get the conversation started. You may not be able to answer them all in the beginning, but these questions will definitely wet your appetite to get your mobile initiative started and also develop some good talking points.

10 Questions To Get Started

  • What are your customer’s needs?
  • Can you address those needs with mobile?
  • Define what mobile means to your company and customer: Apps or a Website?
  • Do you want to increase customer engagement?
  • Increase customer touch points for promotions?
  • Provide a lift to your loyalty program – or start one?
  • How will mobile be tied to your business model?
  • How will mobile fit in to my existing digital strategy?
  • What data will we capture and use from mobile?
  • How will you measure success?

Now that you know where to begin, mobile can begin to take shape instead of being just a what-if. Regardless of how your business uses mobile, if you use it correctly it will reveal new sources of customer data and insight that will help your marketing team be more engaging and effective. Wherever your company is on their mobile journey, the real work begins once you translate company goals into mobile action plans. When you have that figured out, the execution begins!

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Photo Credit: HubSpot | Graphic Credit: Canva


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