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Student opportunities Are dwindling
It’s no secret traditional student opportunities are dwindling. Your Recruitment strategy is under fire. Admissions counselors aren’t sure if social media is a fun, personal message platform or a recruitment channel. Marketing is either spending too much on the wrong initiatives or not enough in the right places to attract a more robust pool of candidates. Technology, MOOCs,  EdTech firms, Micro-credentialing, nano degrees, innovative hybrid models and a slew of others every day are entering the Ed space and it’s ripe for the picking. It’s changing at warp speed, costs are skyrocketing, and external market pressures are increasing. Tuition and associated fees need to increase to keep up with budget goals but the market isn’t buying that message. Your aspirational student is not what your school is attracting and you’re not sure why. Certain parts of the US are struggling to deliver high school graduates while others have a plethora. Your school is struggling to meet necessary budget goals even though you have relevant academic programs. Innovation and disruption need to occur but you’re not sure where to start. Does this sound like your institution?

If your school is feeling the pressure – we can help.
Our senior strategists bring the expertise you need without the painful consulting bill you can’t afford. We come alongside your team, help them see the value of collaboration and teamwork and even train them on how to create an acceleration path to reach their goals.  It’s not brain surgery; it’s a roadmap for success.

We make complex strategies simple – because nobody wants to sweat
A simple phone call or email is the beginning of a wonderful relationship that will give you access to the best and brightest minds higher-Ed has to offer.  Our initial goal for you is to provide you with a trusted resource that will listen, advise, advocate and instruct. Not too mention, because the going will get tougher, not easier. We’re in it for the long haul and to help you get to the destination goal.

We deliver a customized strategy (not boilerplate consulting paperwork )
Your accelerated path to reach your goals is right in front of you. Just complete the form below and one of our senior strategists will reply to schedule a brief call to listen to your challenge and questions. Then we will explain how our customized process is designed to build a strategy to reach your goals.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built.