Those of us who produce content for a living understand that our job is not just about telling a story to engage the prospective customer just to obtain eyeballs on our content. Yes, that is very important. The real factor that is rarely discussed and even more rarely executed in marketing departments is how to measure content so that ROI is determined. I say this because it’s not easy to accomplish and even more difficult to convince your boss that one piece of content is just part of the overall equation of nurturing the customer.


Typically customers remember the last touch point they had with the company, the most memorable one or the instance in which the company appeared over and over again creating multiple favorable impressions over time.



When was the last time you discovered when one of your customers purchased your product or service because…

  • They saw your social media post last Tuesday at 3:15pm?
  • Your email last week at 8:00am?
  • Your video on YouTube today at 6:30pm?
  • Or your mobile ad or coupon that appeared at lunchtime?

I venture to say that a high percentage of marketers do not know this answer, and if they think they did, their data may not be as accurate as they think.


Did You Know? According to HubSpot  

Content Marketing Used Most Frequently is… 

64% Social Media  

65% Blogging


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eBook – Why is Content Marketing Critical For a Healthy Business?

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Scott MacFarland


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Photo Credit: HubSpot and UnSplash

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