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Because adult mobile users are spending more time on their smartphones, that means they are more connected than ever before. It also means the context in which they are being drawn to different mobile experiences as well as the content used to compel them to purchase is seamlessly integrated to create a brand-to-consumer engagement cycle that never stops. Retail brands have adopted the principles of connection, context and content quickly. Here are a few ways retailers have taken advantage of mobile strategies and as a marketing officer leading your team and brand, you can too.


Improve Customer Communications

While creating increased touch points that are relevant and timely, this enhances the customer experience and also allows for alerts to be used more effectively. Customers feel connected and more in touch, which helps to nurture them and drive them deeper through the sales funnel toward conversion.

Increase Customer Engagement

This occurs because of frequent communication, highly targeted marketing, promotions and even status updates that are being used for customer loyalty programs. Customers prefer messages that are highly-relevant, and not a sales pitch. When relevancy is happening, increased engagement will drive sales revenues.

Increase Store Traffic

Mobile usage drives store traffic with both app and text reminders and contextually relevant promotions that use real-time customer behavior as triggers. Connection, context and content are critical here because none of them can stand-alone; they rely on their combined strengths to be successful.


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