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We all know that companies use many ways to get the attention of their prospective customers. Besides hooking them with teaser content, they also have to keep them and convert them from a prospect to an actual customer. Not an easy task. With the advent of free live video broadcast platforms, marketers now have to think about how they can leverage this, because it’s not going away.

Live video may soon be the fabric of the marketing mix for many companies in the years to come.


Here are 9 tips to think about before you start your brand’s live video broadcast.

Live Broadcast Goals

Like any good marketing initiative, you need a goal. Determine what that is for your live broadcasts. Even if it is just to create excitement and engagement when you launch new products, that’s good. Along with the goal, determine how you will measure the efficiency. The number of people who are watching each broadcast, and the quantity of leads it has created could determine this. This is all predicated on how you want to create leads using live video broadcasts. Think about this before you push the button to start broadcasting.


In What Ways Will Your Brand Use Live Video?

Select where video can be used most effectively and try it there first. It will take some time to get used to a new platform, the process and the best way to create content. Who knows, you may stumble on a new marketing channel that just could be a huge lead generation tool for your business. Think about what stage of the sales funnel will live video be used so that it can be most effective. Is it just for brand awareness, for conversion or to help deliver a product launch or event message? You can also use it to help prospective customers to be more educated about your brand, product or service.


How To Tell The Brand Story Through The Lens Of A Smartphone

This may sound simple, but it is a very different means of communicating. It can be very effective if you think about it as a personal, candid, sneak peek… almost exclusive in nature. Additionally, the glitz and glamour of high production value videos do not work here. Your live video should provide content that is timely and relevant to your audience. Depending on what you are communicating at the time, you may be able to keep your camera angles slightly at a dutch angle to appear like you are providing a unique perspective. Either way, think about what works best to communicate your idea and what will be most effective in reaching your audience before you start broadcasting.


Adding A Real Life Personality That Resonates With Your Persona

This personality comes in the form of how you shoot, when you shoot, what you shoot, and whom you shoot. All of these combined create a brand personality for your broadcast. Just like everything you produce in marketing, it should be thought of before you actually start. Only in the live video broadcast there is no going back once you start. My suggestion is to start small and make it easy. Then as you perfect the practice of broadcasting, you can add more complexities to the broadcast.


Urgency And Energy

Live video provides a sense of urgency and energy not seen in other marketing channels. Because you are broadcasting live, you will be able to capture the attention of your audience almost like no other marketing channel in your marketing mix. What you are saying and showing matters for that time and place and it needs to be produced with that in mind. For instance, if your company is launching a new product or service and you are in the retail store where the customer purchases it, you can talk about where you are located, and show some of the details of the product itself. Don’t forget to add a call to action so that the customers have a takeaway before they leave the broadcast. Don’t ever leave them hanging. In live video, show them and tell them what to do. Invite them to come visit and see for themselves.


Tease Your Customer

What will make customers want to come back and view your next live broadcast? This is a very important question to ask because if you don’t think about ways to compel them with live content and ask them to come back for your next broadcast, you may never have another opportunity to get the customer back. Just like broadcast TV stations, tease the customer and give them a little glimpse of the next live video broadcast. You may want to have broadcast teaser videos, which are designed to promote your next broadcast, as well as have the actual live broadcast. Both will work very well together have.


Content Calendars Are A Necessity For Live Video Broadcasts

Start small and begin broadcasting once every two weeks. Pick topics for three months in advance. Then begin your content creation based on what topics are to be broadcast first. Also produce the promotional scripts for each live broadcast. My suggestion is to select certain days that are your broadcast days and use those to your advantage. Keep them the same time and days to make it easy for your customers to remember. Think of this list like a TV guide for your brand’s live video schedule.


How Long Will Be Long Enough?

This is a very tough question. Only you can answer what the duration should be for your live broadcasts. Try to create a module for each live broadcast. This means, each module is 7-10 minutes only. That way you can produce your content based on that exact time frame. Here’s a basic example.

  • Introduction / Welcome – :15 seconds
  • Segment 1: 1-2 minutes
  • Segment 2: 1-2 minutes
  • Segment 3: 1-2 minutes
  • Teaser for next live broadcast – :10 seconds
  • Wrap / Close :15 seconds


Don’t forget to think about what times and days of the week will be the most important times to stream content. If you’re going after the B2B audience you may want to do a brief live broadcast sometime during the business day. Or maybe you are a B2C brand and Saturdays or weeknights are better. Think about your audience and what is best for them, not what is easy for your team.


Promotion Strategy

You have great content that your team has worked hard on and now you need to promote it to the people that are most important to your brand. Just because your live broadcast is occurring doesn’t mean people will watch. If you are using Periscope, you may want to think about leveraging your Twitter audience to let them know when the next broadcast is going to happen. However, just because you’re team chose Periscope doesn’t mean you can’t use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others to promote your live broadcast.  My suggestion is to create a simple promotion strategy that uses your social media, email and your brand’s website to constantly promote your broadcasts.


We all know that live video isn’t going to be the only way you market your brand. However, if used well, it can be leveraged in ways other mediums can’t match.


The live component adds a sex appeal and urgency that no other marketing channel can match; At least not ones that you create yourself with your marketing team. Have some fun with live video and put on your content marketing hat. Your customers will enjoy the new, creative way your brand is reaching out to them.


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