I am a content marketer. I think, create and publish content on a myriad of digital channels. I am also a marketer. That means I think and strategize about the brand in which I am producing my content, in order to expose the brand in valuable ways. That is a very generic definition. But I think you get the idea. If you are like me, you probably consider yourself a content marketer. That’s a good start, because the business of marketing has changed, and you need to change with it. I want to take this a step further.


If you consider yourself to be a content marketer, have you thought about how marketing’s definition of those two words actually change the way you think, plan, create and solve the customer’s problems?- YourBrandExposed


I know this sounds silly, but it is worth your time and energy to see what it really means. You should also think about what it means to you, your co-workers, your staff and your brand. The realism will change the way you think, produce and execute your marketing. Here are 7 Helpful Tips For Content Marketers to fuel your strategy and execution. Enjoy!


If you are still exclusively publishing content about your products and services, stop. And not the cold, hard truth: No one cares about your brand. They want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.” – HubSpot


Yourbrandexposed.com is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future using a creative, innovative marketing perspective. We’re a consultative and tactical resource for companies looking to leverage the power of digital, social and content marketing strategies.

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