Ever since I graduated from college and started working in marketing, I always heard that “Content is King.” It was so over-used; I would say it was abused. Maybe they were right. Is content really king? In order to get a fresh perspective, let’s take a look at content. My friend Amy Narishkin told me this week I need to do a better job of adding examples to my blogs, so here goes.

Broadcast television is content. The producers of news shows, reality shows, sitcoms, sports shows, comedy shows and all the other ones, both good and not so good are all considered content. That content is bought and sold for airtime and broadcast rights. It is also used to sell advertising so that marketers can reach their target audience. Good TV shows do quite well and make a lot of money. They charge a lot for a :30-second ad because their content is so good and it draws a lot of viewers. Okay, is that good enough? If that doesn’t convince you, let’s try something else. According to a recent DemandBase article called 4 Digital Ad Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2014, one of their key points is that Content is Actually King.


Ten years ago, we were trying to persuade large companies that blogging and creating their own content was ok, now we can’t get them to stop.



What Is It Exactly That Makes Content King?

Is there some secret to creating great content that gives it the “king” label? Ah, so many questions. Without content, social, TV, cable, the Internet, radio, your email, inbox, newspapers, magazines, blogs… you name it, content is everywhere. It creates value in the minds of the viewer. It sells products, it informs, motivates, inspires and creates excitement. Content elicits emotions, both happy and sad. Content can be visual or non visual, or even both. Without content, the wonderful mediums we experience every day wouldn’t exist. Maybe that is what makes it king.

Content Has Competition

There’s another player in the digital marketing world, and it has an immense following. It’s called distribution. We all know that great content is valuable. But, what if that great content sits idle and nobody sees it? Is it valuable now? I think not. Enter distribution.

Content is produced and distributed in a lot of ways. This includes all forms of traditional and digital content. Every medium known to mankind is a form of distribution. If we take a look at just the global Internet users, we know that all of them are consuming content that has been distributed. That’s 2.8-billion reasons why distribution deserves the crown. Sorry content… you’re a close second.

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