31d9fbaAs I started my career, the thought of the company management team above me making decisions that would lead the company in the wrong direction did not exist. Quite frankly, it never crossed my mind. Today, I am one of those leaders. I must lead by example; model the art and precision of leading, all while continuing to look into the future for ideas that can be implemented into productive workflow and growth. I know this all sounds like it comes from a management book. However, there’s more to it — so much more.


In the marketing profession, those of us who have been in it for a long time have seen our culture, process and workflow change drastically, all due partly to the implementation of technology and apps. Here’s an example:

Currently I have 43 apps just my iPhone alone. As I type this blog on my iPad, there are yet another 26 different apps on it. I think you get the idea. Apps are taking over our life, and we must pay attention to the potential negative effects. They do exist.

Managers – Does This Affect You?

As a manager, I think about how to maintain and direct a team that thinks about efficiencies, technology integration and new idea generation. This has to happen all while continuing to keep decision making in line with corporate values and goals. Sometimes I think this is impossible without causing great stress and strain on the team. The signal to noise ratio I experience by interacting with the apps on technology devices is interrupting my thinking moment by moment.

These interruptions greatly impact decision-making, and managers must realize it and figure out how to overcome it. The long-term success of the company and future growth depends on today’s decision making. More noise means reduced concentration. It can also mean as the manager’s focus reduces, so does the clear picture of what needs to happen strategically – not good.

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