As a marketer, some things are considered much tougher than others to product and launch. If you are at work right now sitting at your desk or on your phone reading this, you’re probably thinking of a few things you are supposed to do today that are going to be challenging for you and your team to pull-off. Here is a list of 17 things that marketers do all the time. Some are tough and some are relatively easy. However because we are all faced with unique challenges, some of these marketing tasks can be much tougher than others and require some heavy-duty thinking, planning and production. That being said, I spent some time to number these in the order of difficulty using my own personal ranking system.

Some of these are very close in ranking and it’s like splitting hairs to determine which one is tougher than the other. When the ranking number was tied, I gave the task that I least like to perform myself the more difficult number.

Degree Of Difficulty

Legend: 1- Easiest to Perform  17 – Most Difficult To Perform


1.      Editorial

2.      Design

3.      Press Releases

4.      Blogging

5.      Creating Landing Pages   Manage Outsourced Resources

6.      Producing Video

7.      Web Development

8.      Media Buying

9.      Creating A Conversion Path That Actually Works

10.    Strategy

11.    Branding

12.    Manage Outsourced Resources

13.    Social Media Strategy and Integration

14.    Approvals and Buy-in From Your Boss

15.    Content Production Calendar

16.    Measurement / Determining What Works And What Doesn’t

17.    Technology Integration / Big Data


I know this ranking system means absolutely nothing to you and your marketing department. However, the idea is for every marketing leader to know and fully understand what initiatives are going to take more resources and time than others. We’ve all had the awful experience of working extra hours, late nights and weekends on projects we never thought would take as long as they did.

If you have an idea of which projects are going to be easy and also which ones are going to be challenging, you will be able to better manage your staff, time and resources more effectively. Take a few minutes and make up your own ranking system with the types of projects that you work on, you will be glad you did! is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future using a creative, innovative marketing perspective. We’re a consultative and tactical resource for companies looking to leverage the power of digital, social and content marketing strategies.

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