Social media in general can be very difficult to use for business, especially if you are not sure what type of content to post. There are lots of companies using social well and lots not using it well. Which ones do you emulate for your own strategy and content? Hmm. That’s the million-dollar question. This blog is not going to provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy for your business, but it will provide some ideas for content. Let’s look at it this way;

                                                          Your social media strategy is the logistical way you go about your actions to  accomplish your goals.                                                                 The content is what you use to inject life into your strategy.

Without content, your social media presence is non-existent. Your company has no pulse if you don’t give it life. Here are three simple ways to help you get started and soon you will be on your way to posting frequently with content that adds some life to your social media.

  • Company History: If your company has any sort of history, this should be a slam-dunk. Dig into the archives of when the company first started and resurrect some of the aha moments that are instrumental to the company’s launch and key growth areas. These types of posts show your social audience that your business is firmly positioned and has longevity. If you are in a start-up or company that has a very short history, you can still resurrect some defining moments and bring them back to life.
  • Deep Dive: This is where you will dive in to a specific section of a product or service and start bringing it to the forefront. Most company’s talk about what they offer to their customers. However, most customers don’t hear about the unique design process or the way a part is installed. This type of post can be very illuminating to the customer.
  • What Are Customers Saying? Whether your customers are on social media, online forums, in testimonials in your store or office or even testimonials that are already published on your website, take advantage of what they say and repurpose it. Testimonials are incredibly powerful and will help to instill confidence in the mind of a prospective customer.

Lastly, it is very important to think about whom your customers are while you are writing. Just like when you re-frame your thinking before you speak to your boss as opposed to your best friend. The same is true for how you write for social media. Tell a story thinking about who the intended audience is that is receiving your social media post. – Have some fun!

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