10ff981Marketers, do you ever wonder why you want to instantly share your work once you’re done with it? I think I know the answer to this. It’s because you’ve put your heart and soul into it, right? Whether it’s a blog, video, website, landing page, sales presentation, brochure, info graphic or anything else; you want to instantly share it with the world so they can see your idea, and you can see it come to life. This is all part of our internal wiring as marketers. We go to great lengths to make sure our ideas and creations are cool and different, and we also want to make sure they are visible everywhere possible.

In the interest of re-purposing your content and making sure it isn’t alone, here are a few tips you can act-on immediately.

These tips will propel your existing content into the social sphere and get it in front of your customers (again).

Your Content Wants Company

Tip 1: Example: 2-Minute Video

Think of your video not as one video, but as many pieces of content. The video probably has several key messages and sound bites. Use each one as a social media post. Don’t forget to refer to the video and its associated link on your website or YouTube channel.

Tip 2: Example: Product .Pdf or Website Landing Page

This is very similar to the video in that you want to find small pieces of content (from the .PDF or landing page). Divide your content into multiple segments, which allows you to share it many times. Both a website landing page and .PDF are commonly used tactics to display information. Most likely you already have these created. Take advantage of this content. All you have to do is determine the key message you want to discuss and decide whether you are linking to the .PDF or landing page. It’s that simple.

Tip 3: Example: Blog

This is probably the easiest one. Blogs usually have one title. However, they can have multiple points within the same blog. If you write your blog knowing that you are going to refer to multiple key messages, it will be easier for you to call attention to those key points in a social media post. You can also pull editorial content already written from the blog and re-use it in the social post.

These aren’t the only ways to re-purpose your content and give it some company. However, they are simple tactics for you to use so your content won’t be alone any longer. After all, your content wants company, and works best for your brand if it is re-purposed and shared multiple times. Friends and content work very well together. Just ask Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

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