We all see people with their noses in their devices. Sometimes it can be very disruptive to personal communication and even relationships. I know, it sounds like I am anti-social and don’t like those fangled devices. To the contrary, I happen to love using my iPhone and iPad and also happen to be a multi-device user just like the trends say. Well… not quite as extreme as some.

In my opinion, mobile usage trends are disturbing. After a little research, I decided to take the numbers I found and multiply them over days, weeks, months and years. The results are staggering. Imagine, what just 112 minutes per day on your smartphone adds up to over time. That may not sound like a realistic number. If you are between the ages of 15-24, guess what? This could be you!

Younger users are more apt to use their smartphone for non-talking/texting activities 78% among all those age 15-24 do so for 1hour and 52 minutes each day.”  

– BizReport

  • 112 minutes per day
  • 784 minutes per week
  • 3,360 minutes per month
  • 40,880 minutes per year
  • 681.33 hours per year
  • 28.38 days per year

5 Years From Now

In just 5 years, 141.94 days of your life will be spent on the smartphone. I must admit, it’s really sad to see that life is passing by and with each fleeting moment spent attached to the smartphone, another one is lost. Do you really want that?

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