Blogs are very important in today’s content publishing, person sharing, image crazed culture. When blogs started, it was all about the editorial content and that was it. Now it’s all that and more. If you’re not writing a blog and adding a cool image to the blog to help tell the story, or better yet, tease the reader, your blog may not get read. Worse, it may not get shared.

Here’s my advice. Don’t just think about the blog article you are about to write. Think about what your image is going to communicate as well. I know, you’re probably telling yourself “I’m not a designer.” Okay, so you’re not a designer. Neither am I, and my blog has some cool images and cover graphics that help the blogs jump off the page to become a lot more than just words.

Think about your blog image as cover to a book.  If it’s boring, it may never get read.

Here’s what I do to help make my blogs a little more interesting.

Look For Images:

Because I carry an iPhone with me everywhere, I have the opportunity to take photos. You would be surprised how many photo-taking moments I take advantage of because I am thinking of a potential blog title. I take photos of flowers, buildings, brick walls, water, people in public, selfies, clocks, iPads, iPhones… you name it. Life is a huge idea waiting for you, so click away. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you will come up with for an image for your next blog.

Bring Those Ideas and Images To Life:

There are a few tools I use all the time to add some sex-appeal to my images. Because I am an Apple user, I like to use Keynote. It’s a wonderful tool to click and drag photos, text, shapes… you name it. It’s so simple. If you want a little more umph to your graphics, try Canva. It’s an online tool designed for bloggers, wanna-be-designers, marketing staff and anyone else who wants a creative lift. This is the perfect tool. Canva also provides 17 pre-made templates as well as a custom dimension template. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked for sure, I was.

Once you begin applying both of these to your blog image designs, it will instantly provide some visual flair that you probably didn’t think was possible. I know that when I started blogging years ago I thought about adding images but didn’t have the resources or time to do it. Guess what… now we all do and it all starts with you. is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future using a creative, innovative marketing perspective. We’re a consultative and tactical resource for companies looking to leverage the power of digital, social and content marketing strategies.


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