I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to speak at the Social Media Strategies Summit along with many other talented professionals from varying brands and industries. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I heard many representatives from enterprise and small business brands talk about their experience and story as it relates to marketing, social media, digital, content and technology and business.

As a marketer, all of us face challenges as we manage the complexities of our company’s ever-changing digital ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if our company is enterprise in size or a start-up; the challenges are always in front of us and never go away. These challenges are real and how we tackle them can sharpen us as marketers or push us to settle for the easy way out.

Whatever Happens In Vegas – Stays In Vegas

This is the famous tagline for the city to create excitement to increase tourism. It also has other underlying meanings that make Vegas a highly unique city. As a marketer, I would like to comment on why “Whatever Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” is so unique. If you ever have the opportunity to experience Vegas, you need to go, even if you are just going to get ideas for your next marketing campaign. It’s definitely worth the trip. The sensory overload you will experience is real and you will have to manage your own ability to handle the onslaught of marketing visuals, music, media and just plain entertainment wow that surrounds you.

“Wow!” – It’s Everywhere

The first time you walk through the airport, you will see that you have instantly stepped into another world unlike anything you have ever experienced. The taxis have ads, ads and more ads just inches in front of your face, all with the goal of teasing you to buy. If you’re traveling down “the strip,” a.k.a. Las Vegas Blvd, you’re in for a real treat. There are lights sparkling everywhere, massive, building-size video screens, even the hotel architecture is absolutely amazing. It’s all in the name of trying to capture your attention – marketers; this is a treat you will really enjoy. Let’s take this a step further. When you enter your hotel, the sensory overload doesn’t stop, it continues to “sell” the constant message of “you must experience what Vegas have to offer.” Yes, even your hotel room key, nightstand and in-room desk has marketing messages on it.


Las Vegas Strip


Vegas is a place where displays are everywhere. The sights, sounds and even smells bombard the sensories of the consumer everywhere. Repetition of message, frequency of delivery as well as distribution is very important. An integrated marketing approach combining offline and online can work well in Vegas. Marketers who combine visual stimulation with compelling messaging that appeals to the emotion of the environment have a chance to capture mind and wallet share in Vegas. 

– Bernie BorgesCEO, Find and Convert Host, Social Business Engine Podcast

Competition Is Fierce And Budgets Are Extreme

Vegas is unique, I think we will all agree to that. The lights, aaaah… millions and millions of lights I might ad. They are everywhere. The entertainment wow factor is over the top… on steroids is probably a better way to describe it. In Vegas, if you’re a marketer, the word easy just doesn’t cut it. The competition is fierce and the budgets are extreme. In my opinion, Whatever Happens In Vegas – Stays In Vegas is not just a tagline for tourism. I think it’s a callout for all marketers because some of the best marketing and creativity happens here. In other words, the marketing that happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas. If you’re a marketer and you’re looking to take your talents there, you better have your A-game and be ready to pump up your performance, ideas and creativity with a steroid-like energy, because you probably won’t survive without it. Las Vegas Boulevard may be long and wide, and have lots of entertainment performers on stage looking for incredible marketing. But it doesn’t have room for marketers that can’t perform 24×7.

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