As a marketer, our job is not only creating content that attracts prospective customers. We also have a big responsibility to create a roadmap with pertinent touch points that allow us to capture data. These two very important activities are not mutually exclusive. Marketing teams must think about how to accomplish both at the same time.

Are you capturing the customer data that is important for your marketing automation follow-up and also for the sales team to use in their follow-up procedures? OR, maybe you are trying to capture too much data and it is hindering the customer from moving through the sales funnel. Hmm… both of these need to be thought of before content and a procedural roadmap is created.

Here are a few very important key elements for your strategy that need to be discussed before you start.

  • What is the absolute information you need to capture from prospective customers in order to effectively communicate with them and also provide a more robust profile for your database?
  • Don’t make the customer experience miserable while you are trying to capture the information, that’s where most companies fail. This means, do not make the customer fill out long forms time and time again (more than 5 fields). If you continue to do this, customers will exit the process and move on.
  • Continue to lead the customer through the sales funnel with relevant content that includes offers, calls-to-actions and rich visuals pertinent to where the prospective customer is in the funnel. This also includes understanding where they are and what content relates best to them and their needs.

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