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Have you ever wondered why our world has gone mini? It’s quite amazing how brands and products are focusing on the micro, not the macro. In a business world where start-ups are a hot commodity and even universities are getting in on the action, you know small is soon to be big. Big companies may be investing in big data, but did you know that data is so small, or unrecognizable at times that most people can’t see it. Hmm. Big brands are even implementing internal think tanks that focus on ideas nobody has thought about yet because you never know when one of them will hit the big-time. Are you seeing the correlation here between small and big?

Small businesses do make it big; just ask those once small companies called Starbucks,                          

Ben & Jerry’s, Wrigley and Subway to name a few.

There are many companies that are perfecting “small,” and contrary to what many people think, small can deliver big if it’s done right. Let’s use the Apple iPod as an example. When it was released nobody ever really knew why it came out and if it really would be a success. True to Apple’s ways, they don’t do market research; they launch products and create the market. The iPod is a perfect example of that. According to ABCNews, “About 160 million iPods have been sold since the music players were released in 2001.” I would say that small one of a kind music player made it big. When it comes to big brands, Apple’s iPod was a great example of small turned big. But let’s shift our thinking to a few other companies and products that made it big on small.

Here are 6 brands making it big on small.  I guarantee, you have probably heard of, watched, used, tasted or listened to all of these… except for one!

  • Mini Reeses Pieces If you haven’t tried these yet, your big-time taste buds are in for a surprise! They may be tiny, but they’re huge in flavor.
  • If you haven’t tried Starbursts Minis –You’re in for a nice surprise. These midget candies are a blast of fresh fruit that are sure to give your tongue and taste buds an amazing larger than life jolt of fresh fruity flavor.
  • Tiny House Builders – For those of you who love to sit on the couch and watch TV, this show is for you. This is a great example of how tiny can hit the big time. Watch it and see for yourself.
  • Mini Cooper – This is probably my favorite car on the planet because of its small, compact look. But don’t let that fool you, it’s huge on power, spunk and style, just ask the producers of The Italian Job
  • Twitter as we know it focuses on small. After all, 140 character tweets is all it allows and it forces all of us that use Twitter to eradicate our verbose tendencies and replace them with small talk – or should I say small tweets.
  • This last product is my favorite. Nixie is a wrist-wearable drone that actually flies, shoots 1080p video and photos as well as flies right from your wrist. It even flies back to you. Now that’s cool!

These are just a few of the many new products on the market that are focusing on small. But there’s another piece of “small” that we didn’t discuss. It’s called small business. Early stage businesses, A.K.A., start-ups, can also be very similar to these mini products we just mentioned. Small businesses can have a distinct advantage over their competition, and that advantage just could be their smallness. Sometimes small can be huge if it is used with the right business strategy in place helping owners make better decisions while entering turbulent waters small businesses face.

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Scott MacFarland


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Photo Credit: UnSplash – Rodion Kutsaev

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