167bc6dOne of the cardinal sins of today’s marketing is to create a wonderfully creative piece of content once (regardless of what it is), and only use it once. This is a No-No. I will cut right to the chase with this. You are a complete failure as a marketer if you continue to create once and use once after you finish reading this blog. So read ahead with caution. If you’re not sure that you want to share your marketing content with gusto, then stop here.STOP

Hmm… guess I have your interest. Glad you made it this far. That means you’re totally interested in reaping the benefits of sharing your content. Congratulations! This is the first step to unlocking your content and letting it work for you.

Marketers Love To Create and Be Visible

Every marketer loves to create and genuinely wants to share their work. Why is it marketers just aren’t doing it as much as they should? You have all the resources right at your fingertips. So take advantage of them. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Slideshare… and these are just a few.

We all know marketers want to get exposed. It’s in your DNA as a marketer. As I began to see this over the years of being a marketer, I decided to create a website just for marketers. It was created to provide helpful information for marketers and to show them how to expose that information. YourBrandExposed.com

Repurposing Content

This is the key to unlock its true potential. This is similar to the dot-com software and web business models created back in the 90s. Create it once – sell it many times is what they did back then.

Your marketing content should be very similar to the dot-com business model. Create the content once – and share it many times.

If you can learn to repurpose your content as much as possible, you will begin to see increased customer engagement, website traffic, and social media interaction, to name a few. Sharing your contentis really the secret sauce that leads to exposure. Don’t forget. As you share your content, don’t forget to leverage the key benefits of each of the social media channels you use.

Yourbrandexposed.com is designed to look at digital with an eye into the future with a creative, innovative marketing angle. A digital-business perspective for marketers!

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