3ea6000For those of you marketers who are not Millennials, don’t think like one, have a hard time communicating with most of them, and aren’t quite sure how to best reach a Millennial – this information is for you. Keep in mind, in 11 years Millennials will make up 75% of our workforce.

As for me, I am Gen-X. However, I have two kids, both of whom are Millennials. I also work on a college campus where I see and interact with students every day, all of which are Millennials. Between you and me, they are not so different than the rest of us. They have just been raised with a different technology background and look at life through the lens of Internet and mobile.

With that being said, let’s look at some stats that are digital media related. As a marketer, I think about digital every day. That includes: social media, search engines, banner ads, online video, etc. You know, the things that are online.

Millennial Media Consumption | Next Closest Generation

Any Social Media 57% | 39%

Facebook 42% | 28%

Search Engines 25% | 21%

Online News Articles 22% | 16%

Online Banner Ads 20% | 17%

Online Video Ads 25% | 15%


Magazine Ads 13% | 18%

Magazine/Newspaper Articles 13% | 16%

*Source: Schneider Associates http://www.schneiderpr.com/

Types of Advertising that are Influential to Millennials

TV 70%

Social 60%

Online Display 42%

Online Video 39%

Mobile 33%


Magazines 31%

Billboards 21%

Radio 21%

*Source: eMarketerhttp://www.emarketer.com/Articles/Print.aspx?R=1010747

Here’s my suggestion. If you are not quite sure how to craft your media mix when trying to reach Millennials, I would going exclusively digital. The numbers don’t lie, and as the digital channels become more mature and sophisticated, so will the end user. This means they will be even more inclined to pay attention to digital as opposed to traditional.

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