0d5f927Have you ever thought that you wouldn’t be able to fully grasp some of the latest technology and social tools? As a marketer, I don’t think about that myself, but I do hear it a lot from others, and it makes me think about the rapid change in how we do our work. We are expected to adapt to change almost in real time.

Necessary change is not always embraced with a positive feeling of ‘ let’s do this.’ My career in marketing has seen a great deal of change over the years, and I can honestly say, it’s probably all for the better. However, if you asked me along the way if I thought some of the change was necessary or good, I may have told you ‘no’.

In a business world where change is happening at speeds far beyond what our minds can imagine, It feels like our culture and business climate is hanging on to the bumper of a speeding race car. We’re hanging on, and barely staying sane doing it.

Technology has certainly put the pedal to the metal and a new norm is in place. That new norm is not just speeding, it’s at warp speed and traveling faster than our minds can handle. Who would have thought that as professionals, we would still be hanging on at this speed. I guess our minds do have the capacity to continue learning, even at warp speeds beyond our imagination. In my opinion, let’s just hang on and enjoy the ride. After all, we never know what’s around the corner and it could be even more interesting than what we have in front of us now!

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