1cefd10Do you ever get the feeling when you are leading a meeting full of people, many of them aren’t even paying attention? I have experienced this often in my career, and it drives me crazy. Today, with smartphones beeping, buzzing and vibrating 24×7, it’s amazing that companies even conduct meetings at all. In the cartoon below, there are 12 people in the meeting. If you’re in the meeting, you must play an important role — so pay attention! Let’s take a look at this through the lens of a CFO. Multiply each person’s estimated hourly wage x 1 hour x 12 people. That’s a lot of money wasted for a meeting in which people aren’t paying attention — yikes!

On another note, if everyone in the meeting is on their mobile devices, that may tell you that it’s time to develop your mobile strategy asap. The research is in and it’s overwhelmingly favorable and validated from your employees.

Photo Credit: Marketoonist.com

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