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Marketing teams strive to build relationships with our customers. It’s what we do. This is organic to how we think, create a strategy and even implement new mobile initiatives. A great deal of research goes into understanding the customer and how to build a relationship with them, especially on mobile.


Because smartphones and the technology that drives them are changing all the time, it feels like mobile marketing is relatively new and still in its infancy. Mobile, as marketing professionals know, is an unparalleled marketing channel that can accomplish more than what we actually do with it, all because today’s smartphone technology plays an uber-active role in the lives of consumers.

Mobile is the hyperactive crescendo where human interaction and technology meet to create something special.


“The average smartphone-wielding consumer whips out their phone more than a hundred times every day”  – Tom Kaneshige,



As you know, checking one’s smartphone has become so habitual it’s almost like an extension of your arm itself. Can you think of a better way to develop a relationship than with a device that’s being used all the time by the person that is most important to your business? Hmm… I can’t think of anything.

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