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Content marketing is amazing for attracting prospective customers. Just think about all the ways a marketer can produce content that resonates with all of their personas. Content marketing is the perfect balance of attracting customers, creating exposure, developing a relationship with prospects and converting them all in one cohesive strategy. Let’s take a look at a few brands that are really producing content marketing well and also helping marketers to improve their own tactics.

One of my favorite companies on the planet is HubSpot, so I feel they earn the content marketing prize if there ever was such a thing. HubSpot is the king of content marketing. Besides their amazing tools they offer, they provide content at every phase of the buyer’s journey that educates the consumer. They even take it further by providing additional resources like stock photos, research insights, online blogging tools, a user forum, training and certification, an annual user conference and so much more. If you want to see how content marketing is performed at the highest level, just Google HubSpot and you will soon discover that they are masters at nurturing the prospective customer.




I can say this because I am a HubSpot user and also inbound certified. I was one of the prospective customers they won over by reeling me in with amazing, helpful content that educated me and helped me become a smarter marketer. HubSpot’s Inbound conference every year is the ultimate content marketing conference for any marketer in any industry.



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Canva is also on my favorite list of amazing companies. They win the prize for creating tools that marketers need for almost all circumstances. It’s a

powerful tool for designers, marketers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, publishers, web developers and anyone who wants to add a professional touch to their layout and design. Why are they great content marketers? They know the pain point in the market with millions of online users creating content. Very few people know how to use the tools needed to make content look great, Canva takes the degree of difficulty our of the equation and makes it simple. Canva provides marketers with tools that gives every person an edge over their competition and educates online consumers about their platform and how it fits into the customers’ online lifestyle. Check out one of their how-to videos. It’s a perfect example of content marketing targeted to reach a specific persona.


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Of my favorite companies I have to admit, GoPro gets my heart racing pretty much more than any other company. If you don’t know who GoPro is, you must have been living under a rock the last several years because they are a well-known brand with some serious content marketing expertise. GoPro makes video cameras and they market them by showing prospective customers how exciting life can actually be with a GoPro in hand. Or better yet, a GoPro isn’t just in your hand, it’s on your bike, kayak, backpack, snorkel, motorcycle, skis, helmet and so many more places it would make your head spin. Here’s the hook, they don’t sell you on why they make great cameras, and they inform you on how much more exciting life would be with a GoPro. Since a GoPro shows us all the exciting places it can go, and users are marketing the excitement factor with their own content, it really makes their content marketing much more effective. Thanks GoPro for showing us all the places content marketing can be effective!


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