When was the last time you had a craving for chocolate and went to the store because your taste buds where screaming for that yummy tasting flavor? Of course you devoured it completely as soon as you got your hands on it. Then as you chew and savor the yummy chocolate flavor, a huge smile comes across your face.  Unless your pregnant wife demanded that you help her with her craving, this probably doesn’t happen much.

Secret Ingredients

Why is this important? To you and me it isn’t, but to Nestle it is.Their prospective customers like you and me have buying habits and preferences and Nestle may have figured out the secret ingredients to know and predict what those are…Hmm.

Not too long ago, Nestle made a strategic change in how they operate. Instead of making all the key decisions from their corporate headquarters in Switzerland, they now have an innovation outpost in Silicon Valley. Again, I ask, why is this important? Glad you asked. If you’re in the marketing world like me, you can appreciate that Nestle is looking to create and accelerate their digital roadmaps using social media, brand community management and real time listening screens. This is all accomplished with a centralized group focusing on four key disciplines: Listening, Engaging, Inspiring & Transforming. Who would have thought that part of the strategy of behemoth Nestle was to cozy up with startups in Silicon Valley and develop such an innovative approach to figuring out their customers? – not me.


Today we’re looking at the data every 5 minutes at times to figure out how to properly engage. – We have real time listening screens that are really focused on tapping into the online conversation, online interactions, looking at real time recipe tweets, real time likes and comments on Facebook.

Pete Blackshaw – Global Head of Digital and Social Media


Today’s brands engaging with consumers in the digital world require a different mindset and different thinking as was mentioned by one of Nestlé’s Digital Acceleration Team members. You know what? They’re right. The next time you purchase one of Nestlé’s products, think about how you purchased it, when it happened and if you decided to post your comments on social media. Chances are, Nestle is already one step ahead of you predicting that behavior. If that’s the case, my suggestion is to not worry about it, just savor the yummy chocolate flavor.

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