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Is your company always looking for new ideas? Or, are you waiting for someone else to think of them for you? If you are working in digital marketing every day like me, coming up with new ideas, is critical. Ask your team to have an “always on” alert system for creative, innovative ideas. Some employees may fully embrace this concept and some will not do anything. However, this exercise keeps your marketing department sharp and always thinking of ways to keep the brand on the leading edge. It also keeps your department thinking, cultivating, percolating and looking for new and different ways to reach your business goals.

6 Simple Ways and Reasons To Generate Ideas

  • Implement a creative / innovation session every month and ask employees to share ideas. Every idea is a good one.
  • Marketers are always thinking about the customer, the brand and the interaction between them. They are probably the best people in the company to develop fresh, new ideas. Especially for new, creative ways to reach the customer and solve their problem.
  • New ideas + thinking different can mean innovation may be around the corner. If the Marketing team is close to the product development team, this can mean that the creativity of the brand outreach may translate to how products are tweaked for upcoming new variations.
  • Your competitors are probably doing the same thing. Why would you want them to be ahead of you with new ideas? You don’t. So, that means, stay fresh, sharp and out ahead of the pack with your brand and products. Your competitors will not be happy because of it.
  • Look around at other industries. You never know what innovative ideas can be adapted to yours. This can provide your brand and product development with an injection of life if they can spot new ideas from other industries that are easily adapted to yours. This works a lot better than you might think.
  • Mobile apps are being developed faster than we can keep up with, and this is good. Get your staff to keep an eye out for apps that may be applicable to your business model. Who knows, maybe they will discover an app that can be integrated with your workflow and provide an innovative approach to how you do business. In fact, here are 5 powerful apps for marketing teams.

If that isn’t enough to start, let me give you a little more ammunition that may push you over the edge. Here’s an article on HuffingtonPost – Why Is Innovation Management So Important To Compete? If your team isn’t at least trying to innovate and come up with creative ways to impact your market and compete, you might as well just cease to exist. In reality, innovation management is really just a form of looking into the future, being creative and imaginative so that you can carve out a new niche before your competitors do. The operative phrase here is… Before your competitors. Time to market is critical for innovative, new ideas. Typically the first one gets the lion share of the market. If you’re not thinking this way your company may end up on the extinct list sooner than you think. is a digital content marketing and strategy consultancy that works with businesses big and small to solve their most difficult questions surrounding digital content creation, brand and creative development, generating marketing qualified leads and creating a marketing strategy for business growth. Let us know how we can serve you.

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Source: & Tookapic – CC0 License

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