I can remember when I decided it was time to start my marketing business. I have to admit, I was not quite sure where to start, and had seen start-ups open their doors and crumble shortly thereafter. Hmm… I thought, is this really for me? Can I do this? What resources can I tap into that will help me get the ball rolling quickly and in the right direction?

If you are one of those people thinking of starting a business, here are a few tips for you. Whether your new business is internet-based, brick and mortar, virtual, m-commerce or even a home-based consultancy, tips and resources are critical to help you steer away from the minefields that lay ahead. You will never be able to always stay clear of the problems in business, but you can be well informed and equipped to make better decisions along the way.

Unique Perspective From A Seasoned Veteran

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Cyril Narishkin, business owner, supply chain strategist and partner of Supply Velocity; a company that works with both start-ups and high growth firms. His experience with a myriad of companies provides a unique perspective most of us will probably never see.

Of the over 400 clients I have worked with over the last 18 years, many have either been startups or high growth firms. Often in the excitement of trying to increase sales, companies turn their back on their operational efficiencies. I have seen that companies need to capture increased sales by streamlining all elements of the supply chain all the way into the office without growing inefficient processes.

                                                              – Cyril Narishkin, Partner – Supply Velocity

5 Articles That Provide Tips For Brand New Business Owners

If you made it this far in the article, congratulations, you are probably seriously looking for start-up tips. Stick with the challenging process of continuing to educate yourself along the challenging road of business ownership.

One of the best things I learned during my time working with start-ups was that I needed to keep learning from others who had already paved a start-up business path before me. This does include talking to people who have been both successful and people that went out-of-business. Both of these have incredible insight for a rookie business owner. Current and former business owners are some of the most valuable resources you will be able to find that will most likely save you tons of money and lots of time and aggravation.

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