04d9de0Those of us who work in marketing are always thinking about new ways of doing things. That’s what we do. We love ideation and creativity that ultimately cultivates change. It’s almost like we are professionally A.D.H.D. Ideas fly out of our brains at random times and speeds; sometimes there are lots of them too. I like to call this “Creative Intelligence.” Embrace that special time if you can. Brilliance may be upon you and you may not realize it.

If you’re not one of the wizard idea people, please don’t come up with an excuse to prevent change from happening. When that occurs, you end up slamming on the brakes of a speeding car, and all the momentum shifts from, “what a cool idea, let’s do it;” to “this idea will never work because we don’t have enough evidence to prove it will be successful.” That attitude is so draining on us marketers. So much that we get frustrated.

In my career, I have experienced more excuses for not implementing change than I care to admit. Quite frankly, it is very frustrating, and progress for the most part stops. When progress keeps getting stifled, it also negatively affects future ideas from coming to fruition.

Why in the world would anyone want to stop progress?

Are they too lazy? Maybe they are afraid to try something new because they don’t want to fail? These are just a few questions I have thought above and seen first hand that impede innovation, growth and new ideas from happening. If you are one of these people that may have good intentions, but you are getting in the way of change… please step aside and let those people who are gifted in developing new ideas take the reigns.

With change come bright ideas, a new perspective, a learning opportunity and potential customer acquisition.

As a marketer, we are always thinking of ways to engage and inform. Our new ideas may sound weird at first. However, when we poke, push, prod and massage the idea, it just may turn into something special.

What’s your excuse for getting in the way of change? If you can’t think of a real good reason, perfect. That means you’re now on the idea team that has no excuses. We only have ideas!

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