29e22afSocial Media is one of those marketing exercises that always appear to get more difficult all the time. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes again. And that is just for one social channel. Multiply that times however many you use and you now what I mean.

It’s not just the rookie marketers but also the seasoned veterans that experience this as well. In the interest of trying to add some simplicity to this task, here are a few tips that will help you right away.

1. Make A Content List:

Create a detailed inventory list of all the content your marketing department created over the past year – yes, all the content. I created a general sample list of 8 items below to help get you started. You may have a lot more than you want to add to the mix.

  • Product and service content on landing pages
  • Blogs
  • PR content already archived on website
  • Website content articles and landing pages
  • E-Newsletters in the archives
  • Existing videos on your website or YouTube
  • Sales presentations and slide decks
  • Answers to questions from the most recently visited FAQ section on your website

2. Key Drivers:

From the content list, you will also want to include several items that help you clarify the purpose of your content post. These four listed below are what I call key drivers. They help define and clarify your social media post. Always think of these first before you click “post” and share your thought with the world.

  • Target persona
  • Key message of content
  • Type of content (.pdf, video, landing page, content article…)
  • URL of content
  • #Hashtag

3. Create A Spreadsheet:

I know you hate the thought of this one, but it must be done. Create a spreadsheet that has all this information in it, plus the time/day you will share it. This is critical because posts that have redundant information back-to-back are for the most part ignored. Posts that do not have the key drivers will most likely be ineffective. You can also use software for this part, there are lots of good ones out there. I happen to like Constant Contact’s version of a social media posting schedule. However, a spreadsheet is accessible by every marketing department, so you have no excuse not to try this.

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