2cd064fI am no doctor, but I do act like one with my with my social media content strategy. I don’t wait for a year to go by before I dust off the strategy and read through it again. My content strategy is on my desk in front of me every day. In order for you and your team to get the most mileage out of your strategy, you should constantly have it by your side too. Review it weekly to ensure that your team is on target and not straying off course. I guarantee, there will always be a time when a social post doesn’t follow the strategy. You want to make sure your entire staff knows the goal of the strategy and how to execute perfectly, regardless of the social channel that is being used.

Social media moves much faster than we do. Keep your finger on the pulse of your strategy to continue engaging with your customers and guiding your brand messaging in the right direction. From time to time, you may have to make some adjustments, especially when new toolsets and features are launched that fit well within your social media content strategy.

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