02772d2Last week YourBrandExposed.com published an article titled,5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Audit is – Ah, Not Good. If you weren’t able to read it, that’s okay, here’s 5 more tips to help you spot social media No-Nos. Keep in mind, these five are not the only things you shouldn’t do, they are part of a comprehensive list. Hopefully you will be able to eradicate these 5 from your social habits and be on your way to executing a successful social content strategy.

Today’s 5 No-Nos:

•Trying to squeeze too much in one post

•Misspelled words

•Too many acronyms that users don’t understand

•Writing a post without knowing your specific audience

•Not understand your goal for writing a post

Previous 5 No-Nos:

•Writing a post without knowing your specific audience

•Not understanding the customer path and how social media fits in

•Not using hashtags, photos and videos

•No links to your brand website in the post

•No content strategy and goals

It’s quite possible that you have fumbled your way through your social media content production and actually posted some of these No-Nos before. Now you know it’s just not good marketing. Hopefully you can begin to see how to eliminate them from your social media practice.

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