38b297a#SocialMedia is a fantastic tool for many things. Many of us use it for personal, business or both. Those of us who use it for both, take advantage of the massive viral aspects to: get the word out, launch a new product, connect with people, your industry or do any of the other thousand things you can do on social media. This is all fun and good, EXCEPT, when your idea, that sounds real good, goes bad.

Here’s a great example of why you must think about your social media strategy BEFORE you begin posting. Remember, a strategy is more than thinking about the idea and executing. It’s thinking through goals, personas, the customer path, conversion tactics, what you want the customer to do? And, how you will handle the onslaught of posts and tweets? These are just a few of the critical things that need to be part of your strategy. By the way, here’s a few Social Media No-Nos.

I don’t need to say any more than – OOPS, GUESS WE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT FIRST. Don’t let social media become a glaringly ugly mark on your career. Start with a strategy, not just an idea.

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