Have you ever thought about how journalists write a story and twist the meaning of words and phrases so they become more compelling to the reader? In the journalism world we like to call this “spin.”

Here’s the real definition of spin according to Merriam-Webster. SPIN: (verb) to turn or cause someone or something to turn around repeatedly.

I know this doesn’t exactly refer to writing, however, journalists have such an incredible way with words that they are able to “turn the meaning around” or make the reader feel like it should mean something different. It’s an art form that not many people have. An example of the Art Of The Spin can be seen on The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Finalist website. Juiette Kayyem of The Boston Globe was recognized for her reported columns.

In my opinion, great journalists are really painting a canvas with words that trigger an emotional response from the reader. If you have the ability to do such a thing… I’m soooo jealous. Please keep it going, you cause great joy in the minds of many of us. The Art of the Spin is not lost… yet.

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