The speed of technology has most certainly amped-up everyone’s thinking. It’s like all of us have to consume 3 energy drinks each morning before work starts just so we can keep up. But I say it’s not just the energy we need, but intelligence.

I think we would all agree that marketing has changed considerably and technology is the main reason. Because technology has opened new doors for data collection, content creation, measurement, social media and crowdsourcing that means the intelligence and strategy behind marketing must change. The challenging factor is speed. Marketing and the data that surround it are operating at speeds far beyond what any of us ever imaged. There is no way to stop it the progress of innovation and data. As marketers, the only way to harness the energy and speed of data driven marketing tools is to embrace it.

10 tools I think every marketing department needs in order to stay competitive.




Google Analytics

Google Keyword Planner


Social Mention


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