I love taking selfies. Maybe it’s the marketer in me that enjoys being in the limelight. It also could be the fun and creative side of me that likes to just be different. Either way, selfies are a spur of the moment click of a button that may stick around for a while. Because they are so popular, the selfie was named the Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year.

According to MediaBistro the selfie is a very popular action that a lot of people know and use. Yes, even me. In fact, I really enjoy selfies because it’s fun to see an image of our face in an environment that may be out of the norm. Of course, the bragging rights of showing our faces in an exclusive place can be cool as well.

The selfie has even infiltrated the ranks of celebrities. Check out your favorite actor, actress or athlete and I guarantee you will discover a selfie somewhere.

Almost every celebrity posts a selfie on their social media account. – Media Bistro

You may not admit it, but a high percentage of the rank and file like you and me take selfies. Yes, we share them too – that’s a given right?

  • 50% of men take selfies
  • 52% of women take selfies
  • 48% of selfies are shared on Facebook
  • 30% of selfies taken are people ages 18-24 – According to SamSung
  • 66% of Australian women between the ages of 18-35 take selfies

Why Should Brands Want To Use Selfies?

In my opinion, selfies can be used by brands because they personalize the message. Advertising tends to be big brand oriented. The selfie removes the big brand from the heart of the message and ads the human element. Isn’t that what we all want? I think so. GoPro does this very well. You can also check them out on their Twitter feed.

If you haven’t tried taking a selfie yet I suggest you just give it a shot and indulge for a brief moment. It’s fun, frivolous and yes, bold too. Who knows, maybe your selfie will travel the world on social media?

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