092dc40I have experienced the benefits of these online resources myself and see why social intrapreneurs tap them to expand their knowledge base, influence and network. In my experience, engaging with these resources continually helps me broaden my exposure to outside ideas, people and companies. This allows me to think about new ideas and tactics used by others and apply them to my day job. Social intrapreneurs who are exposed to professionally enhanced online resources are essentially receiving free training. It can be an incredible asset for employees and employers if it is used well.

A few of the reasons why the social intrapreneur is emerging in business now is because of the employee’s desire to create, inspire and innovate in their job. Additionally, there are five other components that also helped create the emergence of social intrapreneurs.

  • 24×7 online Internet access, especially on mobile and tablet devices
  • Maturity and growth of social media channels
  • Online business resources on the rise
  • Increased discussions on new ideas and innovation in business
  • Global business climate is easier to access

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