We’ve all done it, you know, we throw down a few quick thoughts, type it out while we’re in the social media app and click send – yikes. If you’re doing this more frequently than not for your company, you may want to read on.

When you are posting content for your company, do you take the time to think about the reasons why you should post? This is very important if you want to give your post a chance to reach the audience with a message that actually has value and will garnish some return.

7 Tips For Business Social Media Posts

  • What persona are you posting for? In other words, who is the target audience that you are intending to reach? Write with a persona in mind before you post.
  • Key Message: Every post should have one key message you want to communicate. Don’t load it up with more than that because too many can become very confusing to the reader.
  • Keywords: Your brand has important keywords that help with SEO ranking. They also help identify the brand or product with your industry, customers and their needs.
  • Link: It’s Critical that you always add a link in your post to your website or landing page. This will help increase traffic in the areas where you need it.
  • CTA: (call-to-action): This is a clear, concise message aimed at getting the recipient of your post to take a specific action. In a social post it may be something like, “learn more” or “Watch the video.”
  • Photo/video: It’s obvious by now that all social media is more effective with a photo or video attached. Make sure you do this periodically. Link to a video on your website or YouTube Channel.
  • Hashtag: It’s proven that using hashtags well will not only increase visibility, but also help target the audience that also uses that hashtag. Here’s an example: #Socialmedia #marketing is challenging. Check out the blog – “7 Tips For Business Social Media Posts”

Social media is considered content just like all your other marketing efforts. Consider it equally as important. It shouldn’t be a quick post and forget it. How Content Leads To Customers talks about ways you can maximize your content strategies and get to customers faster.

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